White Swiss Shepherd Kennel U ŹRÓDŁA

We decided to breed White Swiss Shepherd dogs when we noticed how much joy these dogs bring into our lives. We have enough room on our estate and ideal conditionsfor dog breeding. Breeding, of course, does not just mean owning a breeding bitch, but also possessing the appropriate knowledge about this breed and the Polish Kennel Club and FCI requirements. We engaged intensively with literature and information about dog breeding and contacted dog breeders in Poland and abroad.

We belong to FBBSI – Federation Berger Blanc Suisse Internationale 

We are a member of the FBBSI,the first Polish dog kennel, and the first breeding community in this association. The FBBSI is the International Association of the White Swiss Shepherd to connect all breed clubs and breeding communities recognized by the FCI. The membership in this elite federation depends on the breeder or breed club fulfilling all strict requirements. This means that not all breeders and breed clubs can become members of the FBBSI.