SNOW ROSE Lohrien – Lea

date of birth



61 cm


37 kg





Lea came to us in spring 2009.  Back than this beautiful 12-month-old bitch accepted her new home very quickly and won the hearts of the whole family, as well as those of Mira and Ben, the dogs we already had. She likes horses and loves to go for a ride with me, running beside my horse or accompanying us on the pony carriage. Because of her physical condition and great psyche, she got very good ratings from judges at shows and became a breeding bitch recognized by the Polish Kennel Club and FCI.

At dog shows she has been judged as a female with a good height, typical head, good backbone, correct angulation, appropriate top line and underline, with a good bite and colour.

Above all Lea has a great character. She is reliable in contact with children, and her fantastic intuition and gentleness are so typical for her.

I kept wondering about how she would act with our little Liwia when the girl pulled her ears, put her tiny hand into Lea’s muzzle or went on her back to sit on her. Lea always wants to play with our son Jonasz but is careful not to knock him over.

She also is a good watchdog. She alarms us immediately when a stranger is near our property.

When we let her know that this person can come in, she treats him like an old friend.

Lea loves contact with people, and it has happened more than once that we had to take her from the knees of our guests.

I took Lea to dog training, and she finished the course with very good grades. She learns with pleasure and fast. She likes challenge and goes everywhere I go. She accompanies me even when I go for a ride with my horse.

You can find Lea’s pedigree here.