Puppies from our kennel are carefully brought up at home under an exact control, amidst us and our dogs, cat and horses. From the beginning, they have close and constant contact with our children and dogs, which enables proper psychophysical development. The puppies are always under the constant control of a vet specialist.

Form the moment when they are born, the puppies spend time with our children so they are used to them and accept them as part of their family. Liwia and Jonasz are cheerful pals and caring friends.

For the proper development of the puppies, it is important that they stay with their mother at least nine weeks. We have the perfect conditions for the puppies to stay with us for so long, and we don’t care to let them go as soon as possible.

We care a lot about the socialization of our puppies, which has always brought us great results. We travel with them by car, we take them into the city, to parks, schools, and kindergarten, and we confront them with new situations, new people and dogs.

Our White Swiss Shepherds are even-tempered, open, friendly and happy dogs. They find their place in the new home with no problems, they easily make friends with the people and other animals they will live with in the new home.

When it is time to go to their new family, the puppies have passed the inspection of the board of the Kennel Club, they are dewormed three times, vaccinated and microchipped, have a layette , a health book, an EU passport, a certificate with the hologram of the Polish Kennel Club, on grounds of which the pedigree will be obtained, a copy of the litter inspection report and the pedigrees of the parents.

The FCI pedigree gives a guarantee for the breed pureness 100% White Swiss Shepherd.  a dog with specific mental characteristics and appearance. The risk of many hereditary illnesses can be minimized or eliminated with tested ancestry.