The FBBSI is a worldwide platform for all breeding clubs and breeder groups of the White Swiss Shepherd dog that are acknowledged by the FCI.

We are a member of the FBBSI (Federation Berger Blanc Suisse Internationale) and the first kennel from Poland in the FBBSI.

As a FBBSI member, I decided to found an FBBSI Breeders Group, and my partner is Mrs. Sabine Hoth-Letzien, owner of the kennel Vom Weißen Birkenstolz from Germany.

We filed all the documents and had to wait for a decision from a board of eight persons from different countries. They decided to accept our breeders group. It was registered under the name ZG POMORZE and is the first Polish White Swiss Shepherd group. Other breeders not only from Poland can join the ZG POMORZE if they fulfill the terms of the FBBSI.

 The goal of the FBBSI is the international support of the White Swiss Shepherd (WSS/BBS). They achieve this by combining all associations which specifically engage in the health and character of this breed.

The members strive for the pure breeding of healthy BBS according to breeding policy and with mature characters. They comply with the minimum quality standards which implement scientific knowledge and exclude commercially oriented mass breeding.

The FBBSI is the only international federation to meet all the requirements for a cooperation contract with the FCI: founded in 2007, approved and supported by the Swiss Kennel Club (FCI).

The following FCI breeder clubs were very involved in the foundation of the FBBSI:

  • GWS – Gesellschaft Weißer Schäferhund Schweiz (Switzerland)
  • SKG – Schweizerische Kynologische Gesellschaft (Switzerland)
  • BVWS – Bundesverein für Weiße Schäferhunde e.V.  (Germany)
  • VDH – Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen (Germany)
  • SFJK – Svájci Fehér Juhászkutya Klub (Hungary)
  • MEOE – Magyar Ebtenyésztők Országos Egyesülete (Hungary)

Birgit H. Hilsbos  GWS, CH

Gabi Frei-Dora GWS, CH

Ingrid Anderlohr BVWS, D

Ilona Vogt  SFJK, HU

Paolo Delfini PSBCI, I

Serena Carisch PSBCI, I