White Swiss Shepherd

We decided to breed White Swiss Shepherd Dogs when we notices how much joy these dogs bring into our lives. We have enough room on our estate and ideal circumstances for dog breeding. Breeding, of course, does not just mean owning a breeding bitch, but also possessing the appropriate knowledge about this breed and the Polish Kennel Club and FCI requirements. We engaged intensively with literature and information about dog breeding, contacted dog breeders in Poland and abroad. Because all our family and friends supported our plan, we finally decided to look for an appropriate reproducer for our Lea. We wanted a litter that was well prepared and thoroughly thought through.

We cared for a lot about having puppies with a great character and a very good physique. We found the appropriate stud dog in Germany. 

Breeding means investing a lot of work and time and, of course, responsibility. The trust and help from thorough, friendly breeders, mutual honesty and openness are helping to keep this breed the way we love it.

We make sure that our dogs have as much contact as possible with other people and animals. We take them into the city, to riding competitions and to fairs. Our dogs are never locked in kennels and can run on our big premises all day. We made a special room in our house for the mother and her puppies with a cosy delivery ward and playing space for the puppies, where we pay close attention to hygiene and optimal conditions for the development of the litter. We try to breed healthy White Swiss Shepherds with a very good character.